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Picture by: Parker Blain


Welcome aboard. I’m always open to hearing about new opportunities so drop be an email at the address above to see how we can work together.

Picture by: Parker Blain


Due to my tomboy metalhead past, present and future I tend to feel really awkward about taking diva pictures and talk about fashion, so I do it in my own whacky awks sort of way.

I started this blog for the love of travel, eating and weird adventures, so that’s what I do best, meaning: going out and eating too much, then feeling miserable about it the morning after.

Partnership Opportunities

Giveaways and Product Reviews: I’d be happy to do a review and/or giveaway if your product is a good fit for my blog and my readers. See above re: my awkward life.

Sponsored Posts & Advertising: If you are interested in promoting your products/content on Couchsurfer Reviews, please drop me an email to chat about your rates or proposal.

Editorial: I am open to contributing with editorial to your publication. Drop me an email and we can chat.

Travel Review: If you have a destination that you would like me to visit and promote, email me at the address above.



I sometimes blog for The Huffington Post UK, where I have a profile I use to ramble on about food, my twisted political views or my entertainment obsessions. For the Huff Post, I either go on a long tirade about something or I write in a list format. Please be aware that:

  1. As I mentioned, I have a profile on the Huff Post UK blog, which means that I can write a blog post there and the team approves it or not.
  2. I am not a paid member of staff in the Huff Post Newsroom.
  3. I post on it as per the blogging guidelines and FAQs.

I also freelance for Broadsheet Sydney, the ultimate lifestyle guide in town, where I generally write a profile about restaurants I go to try. They generally have to fit the Broadsheet audience and the profile publication depends on the team’s approval.

I have recently written:

You can also find my tips for women solo travellers on Sporteluxe.


I’m one of those terribly anxious people who have zero times and panic about missing deadlines, so I tend to keep to what we agree upon. However, I have a part-time job and I’m studying in a full-time degree, so I only write about things in my free time, as a hobby, because I love writing. I can’t go to all the events I see and I always have serious FOMO.

Ye be warned.

In short: wanna work with me even if I’m kinda awks? Email me at