Falling for the Courtesan in Brixton

Everyone who has met me at least once knows I’m a woman of many obsessions, often food or entertainment-related. Chances are you’ve probably heard me babble on about steamed buns, finding pieces of my homeland of Sardinia abroad, burlesque and David Lynch’s quirky, mind-boggling and symbolic TV show Twin Peaks. So imagine my face when I … More Falling for the Courtesan in Brixton

Roman Street Food

I spent a couple of days in my second motherland, Rome, home of my mother and her side of the family. Naturally, I couldn’t help but indulge in the best food the Italian capital has to offer, so here’s a quick rundown of what you can get if you want to keep it cheap but … More Roman Street Food

Melbourne CBD

Disclaimer: you might notice that the best restaurants listed here tend to be Asian fusion – that’s because that’s Melbourne at its best, experimenting with all the different flows of immigration and turning people’s histories into creative approaches to food. Here are my fav CBD spots. EAT Gingerboy  Asian fusion fun type bar near Chinatown … More Melbourne CBD

Two Good: Aussie Lunches Helping Domestic Violence Victims

Like I told the gals at Sporteluxe, this year I spent my Valentine’s Day between my office in Newtown and Sydney Pole. I did however ‘celebrate’ with a special lunch, delivered by the amazing company that is Two Good. Two Good is one step above the traditional Aussie charity barbecues. Its story start as early … More Two Good: Aussie Lunches Helping Domestic Violence Victims

Coco Bliss Coogee

The scenario “So where do you live?” “Who me? Oh, just at Coco Bliss Coogee,” is more accurate than you would think. Since the Queensland-born raw food and smoothie bowl start-up turned franchise Coco Bliss Collective opened up a branch on Coogee Bay Road, I have been spending my mornings trying every single bowl on … More Coco Bliss Coogee

Yum Cha Central, Hong Kong’s most Instagrammable Dining Spot

You can’t always use Instagram to pick your food. You would either OD on sugar from the doughnuts, milkshakes and cakes and all the foodporn around, or miss out on all the greasy spoons and local favourites off the Insta map. That said, I love a picture-friendly lunch – especially if it includes steamed buns, … More Yum Cha Central, Hong Kong’s most Instagrammable Dining Spot