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Food, travel and random stories from an Italian Londoner based in Sydney

About the Couchsurfer

My name is Carolina and I’m a twenty-something Italian Londoner.

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I am a PhD student with a background in PR and journalism. In 2016/17, I worked as PR and social media account director as I re-trained through a Criminology MA at the University of Sydney, a move that challenged me and rewarded me every day.

Originally from sunny Sardinia, I left my hometown of Olbia at 18 to live the London dream. There I graduated from City University’s BA Journalism with a prize for best dissertation and the Undergraduate Award 2015 for media and journalism thanks to my thesis based on Margaret Thatcher and Twitter. sunny Sardinia at the tender age of 18 to live the London dream. I spent most of my time in London working in PR and contributing to Italian Kingdom, an online magazine that publishes portraits of the thousands of Italians living here in London, while also writing for the Huffington Post UK.

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Looking for a change of direction, I am now pursuing an academic career in Sydney while still blogging and snapping away on my Insta. Here’s what to expect from this blog.


Couchsurfer Reviews

In 2014 I completed my mission: surviving – and most of all enjoying – my first-ever couchsurfing trip across the United States of America. This blog started then and will continue with reviews from my latest trips and with my latest tips on what to do around the world, including foodie tips, crazy activities for the whacky traveller, comment on whatever strikes my fancy and some ramblings about fitness (especially pole dancing) or studying.


That trip was my last chance for an adventure before I became a real person with a real job. But since living in London’s Shoreditch and working in social media scarred me for life, I decided to remember my journey across America in full 21st Century style: through Internet over-sharing. Which was incidentally a viable tracking system in case I ended up in the next Ted Bundy’s hands.

About Couchsurfing:
Now, every time I, a tiny Italian girl, mention that I disappeared from London to couchsurf in a country I didn’t know, sleeping on some random people’s couches, the reaction I got was either one of the following…


…or the four of them all together. Long story short: I am very much alive and I can only thank Couchsurfing for giving me the experience of a lifetime.

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