My 2017 Travel Bucket List

It might be time for New Year resolutions, but I won’t be writing mine here – then I would have the Internet (and everyone who reads this blog aside from my mum) to apologise to when I stop keeping them. What I will write here however is a travel bucket list, in the hope that y’all will have tips, suggestions and stories about the places I’d like to visit in 2017.

1.Byron Bay

Picture by: cavvanbahbyronbay
Picture by: cavvanbahbyronbay

Everyone I’ve spoken to in Australia – tourists and locals alike – told me I can’t miss out on Byron Bay. My friend Lucy Pearson from The Unlikely Bookworm blog swears by it and wrote a travel guide for it on Hip & Healthy, painting it as the ultimate surfers’ paradise as well as the perfect destination to relax.


Picture by:
Picture by:

Described as the most European of Australia’s cities, Melbourne is according to friends and colleagues the go-to place to see new trends happening. The home of some of Australia’s best restaurants, incredible art, unique fashion and street art, Melbourne just sounds like my vibe. It’s one of those cities where I’d love to Couchsurf to live like a local, as well as stay in one of its many boutique hotels as recommended by TimeOut and GQ Australia’s Richard Clune.


Picture by: CNN
Picture by: CNN

Bali is another destination I have kept hearing about since I have moved to Australia. Blending history, temples, nature, incredible landscapes and a bunch of newly-opened health retreats and brunch spots, Bali seems like a location you can’t miss while living down under. Apparently they even have a pole dancing retreat, so 2017, be kind, cause I wanna go there.


Picture by: Tripadvisor
Picture by: Tripadvisor

Aside from the closeness factor, countless movies and thousands of Insta shots make me want to go to Thailand like crazy. On my list especially is the Chiang Mai village, which according to Collective Hub is becoming a mecca for new start-ups thanks to its incredible views, relaxed working style and newly-opened eateries.

5. New Zealand

Picture by:
Picture by: newzealand.comCo

If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings then my desire to visit New Zealand and its breath-taking scenarios won’t come as a surprise. I’m not sure yet when I’ll make it there, but hopefully it’ll be in 2017 due, again, to the closeness factor.

Picture credits: as above, plus my shot of @em_carey‘s graffiti in Bondi Beach.

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