Porridge bar at Skygarden’s Darwin Brasserie

After a week off sick, I went to SkyGarden‘s lush Darwin Brasserie to get my energy back with their healthy new porridge bar menu.


Whether you’re walking in after a lazy stroll or recharging after a session of SkyGarden yoga, the Darwin Brasserie’s porridge bar menu is the perfect way to start your morning. Available from 7.30 to 9.30 every morning, the menu includes a drink and a juice and a choice from the counter buffet, made of tasty sourdough bread, pastries, cereal, fruit and yoghurt.




Very few things give you a great head start like a beautiful view of London matched with hearty porridge. I went for the water porridge made with bananas, blueberries and Manuka honey, a filling healthy treat I enjoyed while looking at the City wake up and cross London Bridge on the way to work.









Reasonably priced and terribly fulfilling, the porridge bar at the Darwin Brasserie is one of your best breakfast options out there right here, right now.

Pictures: Carolina Are

Ultimate breakfast (continental buffet with one hot breakfast dish & unlimited breakfast tea & filter coffee): £22.00


  • Pash N’Shoot smoothie  £4.95
  • Flat White £3.25
  • Manuka honey, bananas & blueberry porridge £10.50
  • Total: £18.70

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