What does eating at the Chiltern Firehouse feel like?

Celebrities’ favourite, popular, classy, exclusive: you hear all these adjectives and even more mentioned while describing the Chiltern Firehouse. So what does eating there actually feel like?


Hotelier André Balazs, the father of Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont, opened Chiltern Firehouse last year in the heart of Marylebone. The Firehouse, one of the first purpose built fire stations in London, boasts Michelin starred Chef Nuno Mendes’s incredible food, drawing upon his formative years cooking in the States. Restaurant interior

So was Lindsay Lohan there? Or Marilyn Manson? Or Lenny Kravitz? They weren’t. Who was actually there was a Russian couple literally leaning into every dish we ordered, to take a better look. I didn’t dance with the stars, but I did spark the said Russian couple’s interest by having maple syrup brought to the table. It was almost as if to them, my friend and I were the celebrities. Everything we ordered, they had to examine, discuss (loudly) and Google.

We went for the delicious bacon cornbread with runny chipotle mayo and for the Firehouse’s signature, the much hyped crab doughnuts, a soft and a perfect mix of sweet and sour goodness.IMG_2351


I picked the amazing Eggs Florentine for a main, on a wonderfully tasty English cheese muffin.


The whole menu at the Firehouse is sumptuous and filling without being excessive, the service is impeccable and the interior classy.

Everything is incredibly instagrammable and pretty to look at – or so the Russian couple next to us seemed to think. I may not have met a celebrity at the Chiltern Firehouse, but I sure felt like one: papped, talked about and deprived of my privacy.


1 Chiltern Street

London W1U 7PA

Pictures: Carolina Are, Chiltern Firehouse

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