26 Grains: queueing for porridge has never been this good

It’s cold outside, so what better way to warm yourself up in the morning than some delicious, healthy porridge? 26 Grains in Seven Dials know that… and so does everyone else, judging from the queues.

26 Grains is a tiny porridge joint in the cute Neal’s Yard, so tiny it has people queuing outside to try its delicious porridge. It’s not the most comfortable of breakfast/brunch spots: it has wooden planks instead of tables and chairs, and boy does it fill up quickly. Finding a spot during the weekend is no easy feat.

Queueing here is totally worth it though: although not as relaxing as other brunch spots, its Hazelnut & Butter porridge (£5) with almond milk oats, butter, hazelnuts, cinnamon, coconut palm sugar and apple is sweet without being over-powering, tasty and undeniably healthy. Pair it up with an almond milk, berry and banana smoothie (£3.50) for a breakfast of champions.



Autumn has never tasted this good!

Pictures by: Carolina Are

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